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Most cars, vans or light commercial vehicles that are three years old or more require an annual MOT test (except those manufactured before 1960 or goods vehicles powered by electricity).

At Cawte and Elms Autocentre an MOT appointment can be booked by phone on 023 9258 3154 or just call in to fix a date and time.

If you drive a vehicle that doesn't have a valid MOT you can be fined up to £1,000 and have 3 penalty points added to your driving licence. This offence can even invalidate your insurance if, for example, you are involved in an accident whilst driving a vehicle which does not have a current MOT.

Absence of a current MOT means you will not be able to renew a Road Fund Licence which can lead to your vehicle being towed away to a compound where a hefty release fee will have to be paid to enable you to retrieve it.

If you are driving without a valid MOT certificate and the Police catch you, the resulting penalty points on your driving licence will lead to higher insurance costs for several years.

So don't take the risk... Get an MOT at Cawte and Elms Autocentre is at 3-7 Cambridge Road, Gosport PO12 3ED.


If you sign up for the Cawte and Elms Autocentre's MOT reminder service, we can advise in good time when your vehicle's MOT test renewal is due.

It's easy to register for the service by calling 023 9258 3154.

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) Test undertaken by Cawte and Elms Autocentre's technicians is an examination of your car, van or light commercial vehicle to ensure sure it meets minimum safety standards at the time of the test.

Qualified MOT testers at Cawte and Elms Autocentre's are trained to VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) standards and will carry out a full inspection of the interior and exterior of your car, van or light commercial vehicle.

When your vehicle passes the examination, Cawte & Elms Autocentre will present you with an MOT certificate.

If there are items on your vehicle that might not need attention or replacing straightaway but will do in the near future, then Cawte & Elms Autocentre will give you what is known as an ‘advisory’ notice to draw your attention to these matters.

Should your car, van or light commercial vehicle fail the MOT Test, Cawte and Elms Autocentre will usually be able to carry out repairs immediately.

Providing your vehicle either stays on the premises for repair, or if taken away, is returned for the necessary repair[s] to be undertaken within 10 working days then you won't have to pay a second MOT Test fee.

Vehicles have to be tested annually. If you register with our MOT Test reminder service, you can avoid any last minute race to get you vehicle tested by the required deadline.

An MOT Test can be booked with Cawte and Elms Autocentre up to one month (minus day) before the due date of a first or renewal MOT.

Thanks to computerisation, the Police and mobile camera units can quickly check whether your vehicle has a valid MOT and if doesn't, you will face a serious penalty. So don't take that chance!

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