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Cawte and Elms

When your car, van or light commercial vehicle is regularly serviced at Cawte and Elms Autocentre it will save you money in the long run and inconvenience too!

Vehicles that are serviced according to the manufacturer's schedule are much less likely to suffer a breakdown which will avoid you paying expensive recovery costs that would apply (for example on a motorway) if you are not a member of a motoring organisation's breakdown service.

Servicing at regular intervals often identifies faults at an early stage. If problems are left undetected they become more expensive to solve.

"Look after you vehicle and it will look after you" is the motto if you want to enjoy your motoring.


Having your car, van or light commercial vehicle serviced regularly at Cawte and Elms Autocentre according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals will help prevent the hassle that usually occurs with a breakdown.

And when the time comes to trade in or sell your current vehicle to invest in a new one, you will usually achieve a better price for your existing vehicle if it has been serviced regularly and maintained at Cawte and Elms Autocentre.

Savings on fuel and tyres and reduced general wear and tear can be enjoyed when your vehicle is properly maintained by Cawte and Elms Autocentre.

Servicing at the correct intervals using quality or original equipment parts fitted at Cawte & Elms Autocentre will ensure any warranty claim is valid.

Look at your vehicle's handbook/manual for servicing intervals or just ask a member of our service team at Cawte and Elms Autocentre for advice.

Don't skip a service at Cawte and Elms Autocentre altogether or put it off because that often proves more costly in the end.


"I broke down on my way to work and my car was towed in by the RAC. Never used them before. Now I wouldn`t go elsewhere."