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Although Cawte and Elms Autocentre can fit any make of tyre - Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli Goodyear or Continental - we specialise in Kumho tyres as a 'key' dealer.

All these tyres are 'premium range' but with Kumho you will pay less than other premium brands but get the same high quality tyres.

Kumho tyres use enhanced technology for improved all round performance and offer greater safety characteristics.

Kumho tyres are available for most cars, van, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

Kumho tyres are manufactured to achieve maximum wet grip performance, low noise excellent traction, smooth handling and optimal fuel efficiency.
Many garages often recommend budget tyres to get your business but you should be wary of cheap tyres.

Budget tyres are manufactured to a price point so you will appear to save money in the short term. However, so-called savings on cheap tyres will soon be lost in lower fuel economy over the life of the tyre and reduced mileage per tyre.

And that's before you consider performance and safety issues with cheap tyres such as longer braking distances required when the roads are wet!


Cawte and Elms Autocentre recommend Kumho tyres for your car, van or light commercial so that you and your passengers are safe and secure on the road at all times.

You should regularly inspect your tyres for visible damage and check tyre pressures as well because this will reduce the possibility of dangerous tyre issues developing on the road.

If you discover any irregular or abnormal tyre wear this could be the result of suspension or steering misalignment on your vehicle.

Correctly aligned wheels can add thousands of miles to the life of your tyres and also increase your fuel efficiency.

Cawte and Elms Autocentre's experts can check the alignment (tracking) of your vehicle and quickly identify and correct any problems.


"I broke down on my way to work and my car was towed in by the RAC. Never used them before. Now I wouldn`t go elsewhere."